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WP 4.8.1 update causing issues


  • Ellison started the conversation

    Today I updated my site to WP 4.8.1 and then updated the theme to 2.082. I am noticing a really weird problem when using the Staff Member and Blog (grid) elements...when using these with either "no navigation" or "classic navigation" selected, it messes up the whole layout and look of the rest of my page. (The elements themselves display fine, but the rows before and after lose all their formatting and don't appear correct.)

    Through some trial and error I discovered that if I use "Load More" style navigation, everything works properly! Isn't that odd?? This is fine for the two pages that use the blog element (News and Resources), as there will be more posts to "load" eventually.

    The problem is that on the About page, I need to use Staff Members and I don't want any navigation, as all staff are already loading. I am going to work around this by hiding the Load More button with CSS, but I thought you should be aware of the weird issue. Maybe you can reproduce it...if not, I can try to reproduce it and show you.

    My client wants to launch today, so I am going with my work-around for now. But I would like to know if you can see this problem or figure out what is happening...


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    TheFox replied

    Hello Ellison,

    Are you using any custom plugins?

    Also what are the staff and blog type you are using?

    We currently don't have this problem, it would be nice if you can give us more information.