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  • Jan Riggert started the conversation

    Hello Cesis-team,

    first let me say: Great theme! Its my second purchase and designing this website is even more fun than the first website I made with Cesis.

    I have 2 problems/bugs and 1 question.

    Bug 1:

    When I browse the site via iOS (iPhone, iPad, etc.), the buttons are hardly visible. Example (on iOS): http://consibo.de/interim-management/ I think this has to do with the CSS animation "zoomIn" which I applied to that button. It zooms in (and at the same time the opacity goes from 0 to 100) and then goes back to around 10% opacity. Sometimes this even happens on desktop when I reload the page. When I remove the animation the button is fine, but I want to use this animation.

    Bug 2:

    The flip-cards (used here: http://consibo.de/ueber-uns/), have an empty link on the icon. This is not a problem on desktop, but on mobile when you click on a card to flip it, it often triggers the link, which reloads the page. This interrupts the user experience.


    On the homepage (http://consibo.de) you can see a small animated scroll icon. Since I used an Animated-GIF, the playback is not smooth. It feels more like 10 fps.  First I tried using a CSS animaton (e.g. https://codemyui.com/scroll-icon-animation/), but I was unable to sucessfully integrate that. My guess is that because the CSS animation needs position:absolute, it doesnt work together with the theme layout grid.

    Are there other ways of integrating a smooth scroll icon animation? iFrame? A looping Video-file? Maybe you can point me in the right direction.

    Thank you so much for your time,


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    TheFox replied

    Hello Jan, thanks for using our theme multiple times!

    1. We check on our phone and tablet but don’t see the problem.

    If you still have the problem what you can do is to create a different button for the tablet / mobile.

    If you edit the module you should see a Responsive option tab, there you can select to hide the module for desktop or tablet or mobile.

    2. That’s strange what is the version of the theme you are using?

    3. We asked our dev about this, we will get back to you when they reply.

    Kind regards 

  • Jan Riggert replied

    1. Strange, I have this on 3 devices. See the video I attached.

    2. I use version 1.2.3 of the theme. It is up to date. But you can see the icon-link in the source-code. See attached image.

    3. Thanks, that would be great.   :-)

    Attached files:  IMG_7963.TRIM.m4v

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    TheFox replied

    Hello Jan,

    1. I am not sure to understand the problem, it seems that the animation and button are showing correctly, I have the same result on desktop.

    Maybe I am missing the point but I see the button correctly and its opacity seems to be 100 when the animation ends.

    2. This is probably a miss from our team that re-added a bug we removed in a previous version, if you are not using any links for the box the <a> tag shouldn't be there.

    We will let them know and have and the fix will be included in the next update.

    3. For the scrolling animation, if you use the "RAW html" module you should be able to include the animation you found on scroll pen, you just need to make sure to use the module in a row module that only contains the raw html module, if you do it and have a bad result regarding the position then re-contact us to give us the link of the page that contains the scroll icon and we will try to help you with that.


  • Jan Riggert replied

    Thank you for your answer. Good to hear that you will fix bug #2. Have a good weekend!

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    TheFox replied

    You're welcome, thanks for the feedback and for your patience!

    Hope you have a nice weekend too!