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Licence problem


  • Erica Gir started the conversation


    I'm working on a staging copy of my website and I have a problem of licence.

    I receive the following error:

    To be able to Install the Plugins and Import the Demo you need to Activate the theme

    the live domain is 


    and the staging copy is


    Is this because the licence is for 1 domain and this way the staging copy that is in a subdomain is recognised as a second one?

    How can I solve this?

  • Erica Gir replied

    now i have same problem of the live website!!!

    it tells the code has already been used but I already deactivated from the other staging website....

    what can I do??? please help website is very ugly like that!!!!!!!

  •   Erica Gir replied privately
  • Erica Gir replied

    sorry but i really need tour urgent help in this!!

    The Web site is full of error because of this problem!!

    Is terrible to look at it totally unprofessional and unreadable!!

    I urge you to help me in this. 

    I already deactivated the licence in the 2 staging copy (unitradi and subdomain) and I'm about to embark an international flight and I need to solve this.

    Please help

  •   Erica Gir replied privately
  •   Erica Gir replied privately
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    TheFox replied

    Hello Erica,

    Please try to re-activate the main site with the license now.

    Also are you using the latest version of the theme?

    In the 1.3.0 or lower version the theme use the old envato api that will create problem with the license registration.

    Kind regards

  • claudia replied

    I am having the same problem.

    All of a sudden my website looks horrible on 15"screens, with all the content set taking 1 inch of the left hand side of the screen, and white all over. The header menu changed dramatically.

    So I updated the plugin, I can't even see the Cesis logo and everything is all over the place. It does say: To be able to Install the Plugins and Import the Demo you need to Activate the theme - when I click on it, it opens another page with the general settings of cesis, over and over again. So typing the activation key is not an option.

    I had to do restore to have my website back to what it used to be and now am very concerned, as I don't have the latest theme update (I am running the 1.2.6 version) - I don't know where and how I can activate the license in this version.

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    TheFox replied

    Hello Claudia,

    Go to

    Cesis > license

    Then put your license number in the field, click saves changes, then Register the license.

    Make sure the version you use is 1.3.3.

    If you still have problem create a private ticket, give us access to your dashboard and tell us your license code.

    Kind regards

  • Erica Gir replied

    Hi The Fox

    the problem is solved now.

    But I'm a bit worried... will this happen from time to time? 

    I'm not always looking my own site and it is very ugly if this licence fail again...

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    TheFox replied

    Hello Erica,

    The short answer is no.

    Envato API has been updated and our license registration needed to be updated, that's why this happened.

    If you always register the theme when you use it you won't have any problems.

    Do not hesitate to contact us if you have more questions.

    Have a nice day!