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Header Settings cannot be changed


  • Erica Gir started the conversation

    It has been days that i'm trying to have this page:


    with the header set as this page:


    every time I change the settings at the bottom of the page in the header settings, when I save the page, the setting go back to the same they was before I saved them... what can I do? I really have no idea why it not allow me to save this settings..

    How are the settings call by the way? I'm wondering if it is because this is a translated page with WPML and the settings of the header are maybe set to not translatable and so it keep copying from the original page maybe?

    thanks for your help!

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    TheFox replied

    Hello Erica,

    You are using custom header settings for each page?

    The best would be to set the header settings from the Cesis theme panel.

    But yes, the error you have is maybe because the options are not translated, or need to be copied from the main language page version.

    Waiting for more information