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CSS animation not working on phone


  • Claudio started the conversation

    Hi guys,

    the problem ist, that all the CSS Animations like "FadeIn Left/Right, bounce, ect." are not happening or working when Using any smartphone (in my case Google Chrome + Huawei P30pro) or tablet. It works only on a PC. On Phone or tablet all items are instantly there without animation.

    I hope You understand what I mean? I want to animate texts and graphics within my rows & columns so that they slide from left to right or from bottom to top etc. But all the CSS animations only work on PC but not on Smartphone or tablet.

    The template options have no special toogle to switch it on for mobile or tablets. Is there a easy possibility to modify the source code by myself?

    it is the Fox Theme v3.

    Please help! Thank You!



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    TheFox replied

    Hello Claudio, thanks for using our theme!

    I think the animation are not working on mobile because the scrolling / swiping effect and animations are not working well.

    We are going to ask our devs if you can do anything to change it but I think it comes from the WPbakery page builder plugin code.

    We will get back to you if there is an option to activate them on mobile.

    Best regards

  • Claudio replied

    Thank You Foxers for reply! :-)

    I used the WPBakery in many other Themes and it worked fine with the CSS Animations. That's why I wondered because in "TheFox" there is no Animation on Mobile/Tablet Devices. I think it is very important to make a nice website experience for the website user.

    I hope there is a solution in the near future.

    Thank You very much!