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Mobile v Desktop responsitivity


  • Michael started the conversation

    One of the reasons I have used your theme so many times is that is very flexible and in particular it offers the ability to switch off and on columns according to which device (desktop, tablet, mobile etc) you specify. This is great and works well unless the columns are in a row or section with an image in the background. Then the columns disappear as specified but the background image remains.

    This means it is not as flexible as I thought and you can't use a parallax or plain image background if you wish to vary the site by device. This is particularly useful for using a portrait images on mobile and a landscape on desktop (in front of the parallax image).

    I have managed to make the non-disappearing parallax image to disappear by adding the following in as custom css:

    @media (max-width: 978px) {
        #about {
            display: none

    Where #about is the section id containing the row with the parallax image.

    I have used 978px as the break point. I choose this number largely by trial and error. As on a larger ipad it displays differently depending on orientation (vertical and landscape). This is great. However for a slightly small ipad is not quite right. 

    Could you tell me break points for the 4 sizes you have in the responsive options in the columns? Or suggest a better number?